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Favourite People!

Favourite people, I call them favourite people because in most cases we have more than one. These people keep us grounded, they root for us, they are there without questioning why we need them.

I have a few favourite people, some have been around from forever and others more recently. This post however was inspired  by my favourite person that got added to the list just a few months ago.

This person doesn’t even know how much he impacts my life. He popped by when I was going through the transition of becoming a fully adult and into what would be one of the most difficult years of my life. He added maturity to me that I didn’t even know I needed and made me strong without even realising.

He’s one of those people I would call just to hear his voice and end up having one of those effortless conversations that end in laughter and me threatening to injure him but I’m tiny in comparison.

The best thing about favourite people has to be that you can be yourself without a filter. Now if you know me you would know that I am always myself, but if you are close to me you would then know that there are tiny easter eggs hidden in my personality that only certain people can pick up.

Always remember that you are on someone’s favourite people list, they love you for who you are and would never change you.

There may be days when you feel like you don’t make a difference, but to the person who has you on their list, you mean the world to them! Think of whose list you are on when you are having a bad day and call a person on your list if you need to.

You are loved and your presence is a gift. You matter more than you know!

Until the next one, be kind to yourself and to others!

The Middle Kid!


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