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The podcast for women about all the things that matter.


  • Sometimes taking a step back to look at what you are doing is important. Think of a time that you thought something was life altering but now you couldn’t care less about how it turned out. As the end of the year creeps up and you look back at your year, the things that were…

  • December, my favourite month of the year!

    Isn’t December everyone’s favourite month of the year? I love December, it’s full of happiness and love. People making plans to meet loved ones they haven’t seen in a while, choosing gifts for friends and colleagues for Secret Santa, going to end of the year lunches and of course the wrapping up of a whole…

  • Favourite People!

    Favourite people, I call them favourite people because in most cases we have more than one. These people keep us grounded, they root for us, they are there without questioning why we need them. I have a few favourite people, some have been around from forever and others more recently. This post however was inspired …

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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